Alastair Grierson-Rickford – update

Thanks to Andrew Pett, I have today edited the page below and included a very appropriate photograph which I am sure Grierson-Rickford would have appreciated.

Grierson-Rickford fourth from left – back row

This is on Felsted’s website:
Alastair Grierson-Rickford will be well known to Felstedians of the last 30 years or so. He was a Master at the School from 1980 till retirement from full-time English teaching in 2007. Among a number of rôles within the academic and pastoral management of the School, he was acting Head of English, Director of Drama, Head of Sixth Form General Studies, and Master in Charge of Wednesday Activities. He was successively Housemaster of Garnetts (1984–1991) and of Follyfield (1991–2000) and Senior Housemaster for ten years. He contributed widely outside the classroom, including stints on the Andrew Society committee and President of Gallimaufry (the Literary Society). He is perhaps best known for his contribution on the sports coaching front, taking rugby, hockey and cricket ‘A’ teams at various levels; he was Master in Charge of Cricket from 1989 to 1994.
Although “Garde Ta Foy: The Riche Heritage of Felsted School” written by a single author, former Master and Housemaster Alastair Grierson Rickford (1980-2007), reliance is placed upon the testimony of those who have known the School personally in the period since the Second World War, during which time the present School character and ethos have been established.

By coincidence, I sent my boy to Felsted when we lived in France. He tells me it was the best thing I ever did for him.