St. Andrew’s House 1961

Good one Keith. I’d left a bit before then but recognise Henry Hall of course. Lots of familiar faces. Keith Sheather I think (fourth from right in the second row back. Bloke third from the left in the same row. I can never remember his name. The bloke behind Henry’s right shoulder looks familiar. Is that Howard Brenton in the back row – tall bloke to right of centre (our right).

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Richard Dudley Wood-Kneller Pongo May and Mr Hall with Halson, Richards and Hancock – all good friends and teachers.

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Keith Upton, I think you’re right about Keith Shaefer and Howard Brenton. Back from Maurice Hall’s right shoulder is Roger Karn-Smith, and to Roger’s right is John Glasspool. Yours truly with a really weird hairstyle back row 4th from left. I tried to enter some na…See more

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Mick Reed, Of course, it’s Roger. That’s why he looked so familiar. And Johnny Glasspool as well. Is that Whitton, back row, second from left?

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Keith Upton No, I don’t think so. Baz Cooper is 2nd left, 2nd row from the top.

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Paul Taylor Here we go: back row, Graham Olden, Tony(?) Cook, Trevor Hamilton, Keith Upton, Vincent Hastwell, Pete Spall, Howard Brenton, Chris Middleton, don’t know the next three. Second row down: Paul Taylor, Bas Cooper, can’t remember the next two, Ivan Savage, Johnny Glasspool, Roger Karn-Smith, Rodney Castleden (author of many historical books), don’t remember the rest except for ? Marshall second right. Third row down: Lew Bell, Dave Middleton, Chris Hancock, Johnny Richards, Mick Halson, Maurice Hall, Pongo May, ‘Oscar’ Lloyd, Keith Sheather, ?, Alan Polson, Malcolm Withnall. Don’t remember the names of any of the front row apart from Danny Mallett, second left.18 August 2013 at 12:54 · Like

Mick Reed Well done, Paul. It all comes back. I remember Cook (although I thought his name was Dave), Keith of course, but also Hastwell, Pete Spall, Brenton, Ivan Savage (and his brother Mike), Glasspool, Karn-Smith, Halson, Sheather, Polson, and Withnall.

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Mick Reed Just found this of Bognor. ‘Orrible quality but nonetheless nostalgic.

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Trevor Tupper Thanks, Mick, very nostalgic with M&S. the bus station and some of the seaside kiosks where I worked in school holidays.

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Keith Upton Charles Wheeler is next to Rodney Castleton and I think it’s Peter Mylchreest front left.

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Keith Upton Mick, great to see the 1964 footage of Bognor. St John’s church still there, the pier complete with the addition at the end of it for the boats to moor, ‘old’ cars, shops and theatres that are no longer in existence, a main road with cars…(no pedestrians only back then)! Thanks for the post!

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Richard Dudley Wood-Kneller Is that Jameson next but one to Brenton, please? I caught up with the lovely Jenny last year at Richard’s funeral. Still as lovely as ever. Oh, happy days on West Beach except when Jameson fell in the fire!

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Mick Reed It could be Jamieson, Richard – if, that is, you mean Roddy Jamieson. It looks a bit like him, but I’m not sure. Roddy lived near me at Felpham but I don’t remember him after being about 14.

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Paul Taylor Definitely not Rod Jamieson. Just remembered, to Ivan Savage’s left is Graham Rhodes and the Marshall in the same row second from right is Tony Marshall.

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Barry Garside Fogden Just catching up after some years. The three on the right of the back row are Prendergast, Mike Champneys and Pete Turrell, far right second row down Nicholas Pye, and the three on the right of the front row are Mick Cartmel, Bob Brooks and Cliff Brooks.