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Chichester 1962

This was posted by Ian on our Facebook Wall some time ago. I thought it so good that I have included the hyperlink below and my commentary.

“Ian, this is an absolute gem! How lucky we were to live as Englishmen in England. Well-dressed, well-mannered people, no litter, no foreign motorcars to speak of; I only spotted a Renault and a couple of Volkswagens. There were no foreign restaurants and I remember the wide variety of English shops with cheerful, knowledgeable staff selling English food without spice in the baked beans. If we knew then what we know now it would have been wonderful to stop the clock and say “This is one of the best places to live in the world”. Some of us were able enough to obtain a grammar school education at a one nearby that competed with the still prestigious Manchester Grammar School; a statement that seems ludicrous today. One or two of you may care to voice a contrary opinion, but you will be hard pressed to convince me. Please do try, though!”


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A Nostalgic Video of Chichester in 1962

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 Diamond Jubilee 1989

School Diamond Jubilee Booklet 1989

School Jubilee Reunion 1989 YouTube video

The Martlet

It is hoped eventually to include here links to all extant editions of the Martlet. The December 1954 Martlet was published when the new expanded House system was introduced to cope with the extra numbers of boys:

Martlet December 1954 Photographs

Martlet December 1954 Pages 1 to 11

Martlet December 1954 Pages 12 to 25


The following archive newsletters have all been converted and stored on our system as PDF files. This means that they can be printed by any member who wants a hard copy of a particular newsletter or page.  By storing them in this way they can be directly emailed to any friends, other Old Boys etc. as small files without breaking some of the many file size restrictions on the internet.

I hope these will jog a few memories and encourage members to update the details contained in these archives.

We should also remember that Doug Murgatroyd has spent many hours over the years collecting, collating and laying out all this material and it is now, in the words of one particular headmaster, “incumbent upon us” to produce the range and quality of material that Doug has given us to expect”. We owe a debt of gratitude to John Richards for starting our website and to Doug Murgatroyd for his years of work on the Newsletters and then the website.

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The final printed newsletter July 2016

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Probably the last photographs of the old school buildings before demolition