Brian Davies and the Daily Mail 1969 Transatlantic Race

John Grant

Geoff Wills and others of our generation may find this of interest.

Read the full story here Daily Mail 1969 Transatlantic Race

Brian Davies was one of a number who took up a career in aviation. He also grew an impressive beard – later.

Geoffrey Wills

John – I was in the same form as Brian Davies in my earlier days but talent told and I lost sight of him in higher academic circles in later years. He excelled on the athletics field and I believe I am correct in saying that he was a colleague of Colin Snook’s at the Bognor Athletic club. As a matter of interest Brian came to the 75th re-union at the High School. He was living in Storrington at the time and made the comment that he frequently drove past my former home at nearby Amberley. Colin has already included an article on Brian’s service achievements but I will draw his attention to your in depth attachment of his record breaking flight. Incidentally I remember your visit to Michael Pearce’s office in Sudley Chambers in 1960 . . . . . .