Denis Sheppard Gallery

Denis Sheppard Gallery

The team, captained by Hoare, won all nineteen matches and scored 120 goals whilst only conceding a miserly 11 against. Williams alone added over 50 to an impressive tally.

Colts XI 1954-1955

Back Row: Rapson, Sheppard, Chambers, Williams, Hellyer, Lynn, Collyer, Freestone

Front Row: Mr Elliot, Court, Humble, Hoare, Knight, Joyce, Mr Wright

                                              1st XI 1956-1957

Back Row: Woodward, Haskins, Betts, Hellyer, Macdonald, Hampton

Front Row: Joyce, Walsh, Robbins (Capt.), Hasler, Sheppard, Hoare

                                           1st XI 1955-1956

Back Row: Hasler, Rapson, Lynn, Court, Penfold, Sheppard

Front Row: Robbins, Hayter, Cobley (Capt.), Betts, Bates

A famous 1st XI 1957-1958

Back Row:  Woodward,  Grasty,  Cudmore, King, Edwards, Haskins, Macdonald, Joyce,

Front Row:  Walsh,  Hoare,   Sheppard (Capt.),  Bates,   Hampton

The results speak volumes - Won  21  Drew  2  Lost  3.

In 1958 Edwards signed for the Gunners and Joyce for Pompey

Prefects 1957

June 1957

Back Row: Brooks, Reynolds, Hooker, Hampton, Clark, Hudson K, Hudson B, Norris

Front Row: Smith, Haskins, Sheppard, Spence, Cooper