Harry Clark (CHSB 1928-1935)

Harry Clark, one of our oldest old boys!

I have phoned the three people who were not on e-mail to confirm the cancellation of the Christmas Lunch – all had expected the call. And all were were
Supportive of the idea of a Spring Lunch.

Jonathan – Andrew Howard gave me his e-mail address to add to our list. It is aajhowardxxxxxxx He was sorry we had to cancel as for the first time he could make the lunch and was bringing Harry Clark who is 98 and was in the 1928 entry!

I am composing the usual Chairman’s Report to circulate before Christmas. As we have also cancelled the AGM, does this mean annual accounts go forward to 2021 – Richard your views please?
Can I suggest we have a Zoom meeting either before or after Christmas. If we wait until after we may be able to meet in person depending on the rules then in place.