Hugh Allman dec’d 1927-2019 (CHSB 1937-1945)

Wednesday 3 April 2019

I am sure Uncle Hugh would want me to tell the Old Cicestrians that he went to his heavenly home this morning at 9 am. He had a stroke on 20th December 2018.

As you know he had been blind for about eight years, if I judge time correctly. He then became unable to walk and could not speak so that he could be clearly understood……and as was the norm for the past year or so, he slept most of the day.

He was in a very nice, caring Nursing Home and had many of his Christian friends visit him on a regular basis. His son and wife have been a wonderful support to him even though their home is in Scotland. His eldest son, wife and family have been living in New Zealand for a long time. Uncle Hugh had slept through the last week and had drunk nothing for two days so was about to be put on an end-of-life regime. The Lord and, no doubt, he had a better idea and he passed on before this could be implemented. Thank you for all you and many other Old Cicestrians did in the latter part of last year to make him “come alive”. He certainly relived his days in Chichester and Birdham which were precious to him.

I have no details yet, but it is expected that his burial service will be in the Leicester area; later, his and his wife’s ashes will be taken to the family grave at St James’s Church in Birdham.

Molly Bowers


It is with personal regret that I learned that Hugh Allman has died. I only knew him through many telephone calls connected with CHSB90 and we struck up an immediate rapport. RIP dear Old Cicestrian friend.

RDWK Webmaster

I may have told you that I got involved with the Allman’s Factory at Birdham (another side of the Allman family, perhaps?) as an Inspecting Fire Officer many years ago.  There I was informed that the Allmans discussed engineering with a certain Henry Royce after he had retired to West Wittering.

Colin Snook (CHSB 1947-1952) in April 2019