Jack P Tupper (CHSB 1949-1956)

1. With a knowledge of National Service I joined the RNVR in 1955 and 1956 while still at school.

2. Served two weeks training in both of those years.

3. This is why I do not appear on the High School for Boys Prefects photograph for 1956 because I was away.

4. Head boy of the school 1956.

5. Somewhat unpopular with the girls of the Chichester High School as my girlfriend was Ann Pennicott who was at the Lancastrian School and I had known since she was 11 years old, as both of us sailed at Dell Quay for the Sailing Club.

6. September 1956 summoned for National Service and automatically drafted into the Royal Navy for two years. Ann went to Charing Cross Hospital as a nurse and I was abroad

7. Initially an ordinary seaman but progressed as an Upper Yardsman (Officer training).

8. Late 1954 passed exams for Officer Status and became a midshipman.

9. Appointed to HMS Ludsham an in-shore minesweeper of the Ham Class as Navigating Officer,

10. Based at Ipswich as one of three Officers on the in-shore minesweeper but reduced to two only when the First Lieutenant left the ship without a replacement.

11. Various activities and visits abroad and appointed midshipman of the barge for Commodore Lee-Barber.

12. Discharged after two years but only three days at home when summoned back to the ship because my replacement had not arrived, and we were dispatched to the Mediterranean as what was known as the six-day war.

13. Failed to get there in time because it was all over and flew back to the UK from Cyprus.

14.Autumn 1956 to Fitzwilliam Hall at Cambridge (non-collegiate status but now Fitzwilliam College).

15. Read Urban Estate Management.

……and in September 2018 – a Chartered Surveyor generally engaged in Expert work in Bognor Regis, full time.