Monk Watson

Introduction by Doug Murgatroyd

Having only just got a handle on how to access the Old Cicestrians Website and learnt only recently how to “upload” information onto it, I thought that an appropriate area of interest would be Teacher Memories. To this end I have begun the process of collating articles we have previously published in past newsletters and, hopefully, will add others that you the readers might contribute. To this end if you email me at with your own memories I would easily be able to paste them directly into this section of our website. Also do let me have your ideas on other areas of interest.

AH Watson

At Runcton there is a garden. Through it runs a dear stream with high rockery banks; there are cunningly hidden fountains, narrow path-ways winding in and out, benches placed in little nooks to get the best view. And all this grew from a field of knee-high grass out of one man’s efforts. Mr Watson has had many ideas to express here, and over the years his persistence and steady pursuit of the artistic have borne fruit. In school we have seen the same persistence and principle in the line of duty. Striving always to live up to his own high standard, he has endeavoured to impart this sense of duty to prefects and boys – it might be summed up ‘If you let yourself down, you let the school down too’.

Fearless in defence of what he thinks right, yet an easy associate and colleague, many, learning of his retirement, will think of him thus, and will doubtless have some tale to tell of one who genuinely has the interests of the boys and the school at heart. One can think of his services in the Prefect’s Court, or, by contrast, note his pleasure on receiving a letter from an old pupil, or telling of a meeting with one, remember the care with which he has so long watched over the interests of the Old Cicestrians, note that Story House and Mr Watson have become inseparable ideas. Now serving under his third headmaster in this school, he connects School and Old Cicestrians over more than a quarter of a century of faithful service. To him and to Mrs Watson, who is now to have a full-time gardener, we extend our very best wishes for a long and happy retirement.