The Scarlett Pimpernel November-December 1955

This is the cast list with just one query:

Left to right

Back Row: Dave Roberts, Tony Keating, Anthony Thompson, Jean Siviter, Gregory Sage, Hazel Turner, Peter Ansell, Frances Aistrop, Piers Stephens, Pamela Rowlands, Robert Rodney-Hudson, Dorothy Edwards, Geoffrey Plant, Norah Dyer, Colin White, David Storey

Front Row: Anthony Geary, Robin Wills, James Joyce, Unknown, Terence Blanks, Keith Smith, Derek Ward, Bernard Fryer, Colin Clark, David Noyce, Lance Grainger

Can you put the names to the faces?

The following are listed in the programme – Alan Humphreys, David Orton, Anthony Read.
Three names in all for only one place that suggests that a couple of bit-part characters had already left for home when the picture was taken, presumably at the Dress Rehearsal.

There is more to come from Peter Ansell who is still treading the boards in middle age (dramatic licence?). Watch this space!