The Old School Buildings

I have made a study of the school for my own interest, looking at the architecture, planning, the architects and other aspects of the site. I was wondering if you could tell me please, what happened to the 1933 plaque commemorating the opening of the extensions at that time and where was it originally located? Was there ever a similar one regarding the 1937 extensions? Lastly, the 21 March 1948 memorial plaque recording the loss of former schoolmasters (Mr. LD Quick – the French master springs to mind) and the 46 boys killed in action – does this exist anywhere or has it been lost and are there any photos of it?
Thank you, for your time.
Paul Francis

As usual, our Archivist has been able to help Paul:

The plaque recording the opening is still in situ on the wall next to the entrance by Room 1. It has proved impossible to rescue but will be a condition of the demolition contract that it be removed and handed to WSCC. That for the 1933 extension, which was next to Room 10, has been rescued and is in the care of the CHSB archivist ( i.e me). I do not think there was a plaque for the 1937 Extensions.

The War Memorial plaque that used to be in the Crush Hall was moved across to the Lancastrian Wing (the former Boys’ Lancs building) after the school went comprehensive and is still there, and until the school closed in 2016 was still honoured on Remembrance Sunday. I attach a photograph of it. (Editor’s note: Colin Snook produced a complete history of the boys and masters who fell in the service of King and Country in 1939-1940 entitled “The Fallen”. You may be still able to obtain a copy from him?).

The architect’s drawings for the school and its extensions are at West Sussex Record Office should you wish to view them

Alan Green

Hon Archivist to the OCs