Update on the Old Cicestrians’ Committee

Over the past few years, the size of the Old Cicestrians committee has been significantly reduced in number due to a combination of age, illness, and the retirement of members (from 12 to just 5) bringing into question the viability of the Association.

At last December’s combined AGM and Christmas Lunch we made a concerted plea to those members present to give just a little of their time in order to help keep the Association functioning. We are delighted to announce that our request resulted in five new members agreeing to join the committee!

They are:

  • Bill Allen OBE, who is going to assist Richard D Wood-Kneller in his Webmaster role (a role where Bill has significant experience to offer)
  • Alan Green, who has agreed to become the Association’s Archivist (bringing a vast experience of local history having produced articles and books on Chichester and the School)
  • Denis Sheppard, who will lead the Christmas Lunch arrangements with the support of other committee members
  • Nigel Smith has agreed to be Hon. Secretary for the Association
  • John Wood has agreed to become the new Membership Secretary

This leaves one last post to be filled, that of Hon. Treasurer. We are therefore asking if there is any member who would be willing to take on this rôle for the association to please get in touch with John Child the current Hon. Treasurer. This is appointment is not an arduous one. We only have three committee meetings a year plus the AGM. The accounts are very organised and straightforward. We have an Auditor who casts his eyes over the accounts each year to ensure all is correct. It would be ideal if the volunteer lived in the Chichester area so that it is easy for them to get to meetings but we currently have two committee members who travel down from Essex for our meetings.

After each committee meeting (only 1½ hours long) we all go for luncheon together at the Anglesey Arms for splendid food and stimulating discussion!

How can you refuse this once in a lifetime offer? We do need YOU!

Join us for luncheon

As mentioned above, we meet for luncheon after each meeting and thought it would be a nice idea to invite other members who would like to join us. The dates will be published well in advance and those that would like to attend should notify Geoff Wills at geoffwills1@gmail.com at least seven days before the published date in order that the Anglesey Arms can be made aware of the numbers. The cost is modest and the fare is of quality and varied, ranging from “fish and chips” to “specials of the day”.

Our next meeting is planned for Friday 19 May, 2017 and we expect to arrive at the pub at about 12.30 hours.

John Child