Abeunt Studia in Mores

(“Studies Build One’s Character”)


Geoff Wills and his late wife Molly at Rowland’s Castle 2014

This website records the history and activities of the boys who attended the School over the years from its founding in 1928. We are proud that our establishment had such an illustrious cast of masters and boys. Many masters spent inordinate amounts of time and energy developing our sporting prowess, our dramatic stars of the future, our military officers and top civil servants.

The school started as a fee-paying grammar school and went on to become state funded after the second world war. Finally, in the 1970s a comprehensive model was adopted which, whilst not able to produce the same level of results as formerly, performed well in the circumstances.

It is now some eighteen years since Geoff Wills initially took it upon himself to arrange a 90th birthday celebration for Frank Haill. He invited some ten old boys to sit round the table and enjoy the milestone birthday celebration occasion of one of our old French Masters who also played a lead in School football and cricket. In fact, he was the last ever amateur footballer to have played in the top division of the football league when he played left-back for Fulham.

The following year Geoff arranged a meeting to discuss the resurrection of the original Old Cicestrians Association which had become defunct in the late 1960s and this time sixty-six were present. Many of those have now passed on, but it is encouraging to see a regular and growing attendance at the Christmas luncheon. Amongst those who played a leading rôle alongside Geoff, one must be mentioned in particular. Geoffrey Barnard’s connection with the Old Cicestrians goes back a long way. He arrived at the High School in 1934 when its first ever students were still at the school taking their University Matriculation exams. He became School Captain and became the Old Cicestrians’ President in the 1950’s. He was also instrumental in the setting up of the Association as it exists today by encouraging a small group of interested old boys to meet up with a view to reconstituting it.

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