John Lloyd (CHSB 1946-1954) Gallery

John Lloyd (1946-1954) Gallery

I shall always be extremely grateful to the staff of Chi High for their dedication and kindness during my period at the school and subsequently.  They provided me with an educational and social background that enabled me to pursue a fulfilling professional and an ensuing happy family life. I hope Tich would be proud of my geographical adventures and that Frank would be happy that I was still trying to kick a ball around at the age of 37.  I know Moby would be astounded that I eventually learned to apply his partial differential theories.

Form IIIB 




Form IIIB Rugby

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Form IVA 1948-1949

Prefect 1952-1953

Prefects 1951-1952

Form VI Arts Lower 1951-1952

Form VI Upper 1952-1953

Stage Hands 1952

Stage hands 1952



Football 1st XI 1952-1953

Messrs. Haill, Smith and Dyer

Messrs. Colgan and Haill in France