Bognor’s V1 or Doodlebug 27th August 1944

Please Google ‘The Toll Bognor took in the war’ then keep scrolling down until you reach ‘the last raid on Bognor…….’ and read on.

I am sure ‘The section of ground …’ mentioned was an orchard. This kept down the casualties. One person died from shock and heart failure and if I remember a score (for younger members who have not read their Bible recently, a score is twenty) of people were injured.

We were all huddled under a Morrison shelter in our kitchen between Richmond Ave and Aldwick Road waiting for its

rasping engine to stop.  There was what seemed an endless silence and then a massive explosion which blew all the doors and windows in but strangely only on the ground floor.   A hot piece of Doodlebug landed in our garden.  These were exciting days. I was eight and my brother six.

Just think what you missed!

Colin Snook