The Bug Club or Form 2A?

John Howard, Richard Wood-Kneller and Ken Hoad have all joined in to work out whether this is a photograph of class 2A or The Bug Club.

I think Ken Hoad has the definitive answer below except that I think it is more likely to be the Bug Club, since there are two 1st formers in the photograph – Malcolm Withnall and Colin Walters. The rest are probably mostly 2A members.

Doug Murgatroyd

Dear Doug,

Re. 2A or Bug Club 1953 (I think it is 2A, though a name or two is missing e.g. David Horlock, perhaps he was ill)

The names are:
Back row: (from L-R): Graham Todd, Marcus Rumpus, Chris Hancock, Fishlock, David Peters, Danny Odin, Tony Whitton, Martin Withnall, Martin Watts, Richard Wood-Kneller, David Cook
Middle Row: (L-R): John Howard, Brian Edwards, John Moses, Ken Hoad, Alan Woolridge, Mr. K Murch, Brian Davies, Ken Packwood, Vic Grasty, Hugh Simmonds, Colin Walters
Front Row:
(L-R): Bryn Glover, Colin Harris, Tony Lake, Martin Wiseman, Roger Poulett, John Bignell, Mike Glue, Colin Alexander, Martin Blackwell, David Dare, Geoff Willis.

Graham Todd was a fine pianist who, I was told, made a lot of money writing TV ad jingles in 1960/1970s

Danny Odin became a Chief Forestry Officer in Alaska

Tony Whitton worked in the USA (New York) for many years before settling there. He and his family are all now American citizens

John Moses became a noted classical pianist (he changed his surname, but I can’t remember to what!)

Ken Packwood played guitar in Joe Brown’s band – The Bruvvers

Colin Alexander became a doctor in Winchelsea. (I knocked on his door once, but he was out!)

David Dare became a top Scientific Civil Servant

I last met Ken Murch at Tangmere WW2 Museum. He was a founder/trustee/volunteer. He was very old and bent, but still alert. I don’t think he remembered me until I mentioned my Dad’s shop, then recollection returned!

Ken Hoad

Editor’s Note:

The picture has 32 boys and this seems to to be about the size of 2A in 1954. There was certainly no room to spare for more in the Geography Room.