Frank Greenaway (CHSB 1929-1934)

Dear Mr Green,

Having read the article in this week’s paper, I have some information that may be of interest to you for the forthcoming reunion. My father was at “Chi High” from 1929-1934 and before he died, he typed his memoirs. There are a few sheets with some interesting, if not always polite, comments on life at the High School plus two small photos of the sixth form and the first cricket eleven in 1934. If you wish, I would be happy to copy these and post them to you. Regret I can’t do it online. Good luck with the reunion.

Marion Donovan

A bit of background: Frank Greenaway and family lived in School House, Lavant where his father was headmaster of the village school. My dad was not allowed to take the eleven plus by his father for two reasons. If he had passed, i) people would say it was only because he was the headmaster’s son, ii) he would have had to go Midhurst Grammar School of which his father disapproved. A legacy received by his mother enabled him to go to the Prebendal School in Sept 1927 but he considered his two years there largely wasted education wise. It was only when the school shut in 1929 that he was able to join his friends at the High School. On leaving the school he became a telecommunications engineer with the GPO and spent much of the war at RAF Tangmere but that is another story!