In Search of CHICHESTER by Andrew Berriman

A new book about Chichester’s history has just been written and published by Andrew Berriman who was Head of Sixth Form at CHSB from 1982 until 2009. It is an excellent read and is lavishly illustrated. Chapter 49 is all about CHSB. See the enclosed Flyer and note about a Press Launch this week. A4 POSTER, In Search of Chi

In 2021, Andrew Berriman, secretary of the Chichester Local History Society, published In Search of Fifty South Downs Villages, which proved very popular, selling out both editions last Christmas. He has now written a similar book, entitled ‘In Search of Chichester’.

It is subtitled Fifty Questions in search of Fifty Answers. In the book, which is in full colour with over 200 illustrations and maps, Andrew tackles some of those oft-repeated ‘Chichester myths’ about the city’s history.

Two book launch events have been arranged, and if you wish to obtain a signed copy, Andrew will be delighted to oblige. The book will make an excellent Christmas present, for your family members, and for friends who may have moved away from the area.

BOOK LAUNCHES will be held at these two venues, from 11.30am to 12.30pm:

Tuesday 18th October          New Park Centre, New Park Rd

Friday 21st October              Novium Museum, Tower St

The book will be available from Kim’s Bookshops at 28 South St, Chichester and 10 High St, Arundel, or from the Novium Museum bookshop. It can also be obtained directly from Andrew, either by post (plus £3.50), or by free delivery if you live within three miles of Chichester. Please contact him at / 01243 528845. Payment either by bank transfer, cash or cheque.

192 pages                204 illustrations                 £15