A Sussex accent by Paul Taylor (1955-1962)

We had KD for Divinity in the 3rd year and Burph was always asking us what we were learning as he was not sure that the Old Man was keeping to the syllabus.  Divinity with KD, on the occasions when he turned up for a lesson, consisted of reading passages from the Bible so that he could check that our accents were acceptable.  I remember one boy in my form who was from somewhere in rural Sussex and he had a Sussex accent which horrified KD.  He made the boy repeat, “How now brown cow?” and when the boy tried and failed to say it in RP (Received Pronunciation), KD said, “No, no W—— , that will never do”.  For those Old Cicestrians who have forgotten what a Sussex accent sounded like or have never had the good fortune of hearing it, here is a link.