Titch Morris by Baz Taylor

Somebody mentioned Titch Morris the other day. This photograph was taken on an “A” Level geography field trip to Devil’s Bridge near Aberystwyth in 1966/1967 I believe. H.H.Morris drove the new grey minibus with twelve 18-year-old young men in tow. He was amazing. We stayed at a Field Centre about a mile from the village of Devil’s Bridge. It was very quiet. On the second day, a coach load of “A” level Grammar school girls arrived at the camp and the Geography Course rapidly became a Human Biology exercise. Titch drove us back to Chichester via the Rhondda valley which in the 1960s was a black place especially to us “Southern Nancy boys”.
I can still remember how a U-shaped Valley or a Drumlin was formed and my background information about glaciation is second to none; I failed my “A” level but that is another story!
Top Row: Baz Taylor, ?, Dudley-Ward, Chris Dagger, A.G.Pett,
Middle:?, HHM, Dick Netherclift,
Front: Green, Bristow, ?, Alan Dynes, Jay Scarterfield.
Can Anybody fill in the blanks, please?

From: A G Pett:

Top Row: Saunders?, Middle Row: Keith Aylwin?, Front Row: Barnes?